Hello, my name is Paige Homberg. I graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2017 and currently work as a Sample Coordinator at Rent the Runway. I majored in Fashion Marketing & Management and minored in Business Management & Entrepreneurship. I pride myself on my ability to be a creative individual who also is very organized and detail oriented. I love all things dealing with styling, merchandising, and public relations. Through my job at RTR, I have learned how important collaboration is in this ever changing world of fashion.

Through my experience working as a Sample Coordinator, I learned to be flexible and constantly be on my toes. I was in charge of bringing in all stock and samples (around 7,000 styles per season) to be photographed for ready to wear, children’s, and accessories. As the assistant to both Style Director and Head Stylists, I worked on set 2-3 days a week to prepare and steam inventory, dress models, dress and clip mannequins. I gained skills in on model, on form, and still life styling. I am eager to learn more about the fashion styling and hope to keep enhancing my skills.